Founder's Message

There is always a story behind an idea. The welfare of people is the main concern in our new world. The market model provides such welfare through free trade, which is reflected in competition. Such competition would require the knowledge of the market so that the consumer would be able to select among thousands of choices to get the lowest price and the highest quality.

This inspired me to think about building a World Mall in which every country in the world could have their own store where all what is made in that country is showcased. But when I started working on the project I came across facts which limited the access and the growth of the World Mall. The idea was good, but pursuing it was not feasible.

However, I didn't stop thinking of how this World Mall can become a reality. I started to think more and more on this and then I was blessed with an idea of actually building a website which will be a platform to showcase all the products and services made in each country and at the same time it will be accessed by everyone from all over the world.

It took a lot of time and effort to find the right team and then the team had to exert a lot of effort to put the criteria for very advanced design of the website that can serve the main idea. Going further, I discussed the idea with HRH Prince Abdul Rahman Bin Talal and he appreciated the idea and encouraged me. I would like to thank him for all his support.

This idea is a reality now.
"I dreamt of a world in which I could reach out to anyone and everyone just by a click".

Habib Mohammed Hadi Ali Bani-Hashim